Holidays in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country. It enjoys wonderful Mediterranean weather with warm balmy winds in the summer and a super-mild winter. In fact, instead of holidaying in leicester hotels it would be a better idea to find a holiday home in Spain. It's a wonderful country to visit during the summer and if you are looking for a place to go this year Spain is the place to go.

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Planning a trip

Research the country and specific cities -  Spain is a large country with a large variation in geography and weather. The central area is a rolling plateau with mountains on the border and flat farmland that meanders down to a long coastline. This means that cities in different geographical regions will display difference in food, culture, music and people. It's a good idea to research the country as much as possible. Once you have an idea of where to go, you can then plan an itinerary for your visit.

Best time to visit - Spain is best in the early spring to late summer. During fall and winter, most of the stores and resorts along the Mediterranean coastline shut down for repairs or renovations. However, the Costa Del Sol area is open all through the year and it is popular with Europeans. Capital city Madrid is also open all through the year.

Traveling inside the country - Inside Madrid travel is easy. However if you are planning to travel in and around the country, then it's a good idea to use the local train system called the AVE. it is comfortable and fast. If you are in a hurry, you can always try flights as nearly every large city in the state has its own airport. However, every city is large and you cannot see them in just one day. It's a good idea to stay in each city for at least three days so that you can relax and see everything. You can rent a car and drive over the country as well but it can be a little expensive.

Accommodation - The country offers a huge range of amenities for tourists. You can choose from five star luxury hotels to condominiums, apartments, flats, BB, youth hostels etc for accommodation. Prices tend to vary and if you can find accommodation swaps, you can easily swap your accommodation with a home in Spain.

Food  - Spain is well known for its wonderful food and nearly every restaurant offers good food cooked with the freshest ingredients to exacting international standards. Make sure you sample local cuisine from small restaurants as they will have the most authentic taste.

The bottom line

If you can afford it, buying a holiday home in the country is a great idea. However, you can also visit the country frequently as it visa regulations are simple and the tourism forms a main part of the country's economy. If you book ahead, accommodation will be available and you will find local tour guides that will take you around the city.